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Medicine Wheel

Authentic Circles of Connection

This weekend experience will help you get to know yourself in a deeper way while also connecting with others. You will learn how the 4 parts of you work in alignment, or not, and how that affects the results you say you want in life. You will walk away with a better understanding of WHO you are, WHY you’re here, and HOW to move forward.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Assess 4 key areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  2. Practice new strategies of connecting with yourself and others in a deeper way.
  3. Experience activities and ceremonies that help align all 4 parts into Wholeness.
  4. Create a simple action plan for further growth.

 May 30 – June 1, 2024 

Thursday, May 30th, 6 pm – 9 pm ET, Overview & Welcome

Friday, May 31: 9 am – 5 pm (with extra giftings: 7:30a – 8:30a qigong / 7 – 9 pm Breathwork / Sound Bath)

Saturday, June 1: 9 am – 5 pm (with extra giftings: 7:30a – 8:30a qigong / 7 – 9 pm Breathwork / Sound Bath)

Register for this Expansive Experience:

Early Bird fee: $297 before May 1, 2024

May 1, 2024, or after $397 

Our Connection Experience is being held at Unity Spiritual Community Church – 2965 Wycliff Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

What you will experience and move through during this event:

Thursday: Welcome, Expectations, Overview of the Medicine Wheel

Friday: Physical Body, Breathwork, Authentic Relating Activities, Emotional Tools, Ceremony TBD

Saturday: Mental body, Stick Chick, Authentic Relating, Spiritual Development & Tools, Optional ceremony TBD

The Medicine Wheel

This Experience is Provided by: Michael Rocque, Bear Decatur, Michelle Burkhard, & Mary Mazur

     A Bit about each Presenter

Michael Rocque

Michael Rocque

Michael has been an ICF certified coach for 10 years, having coached over 400 people in that time. He has been actively involved in learning and teaching personal growth and development for 45 years. In 2022 he became an ordained Unity Minister and is currently serving at Unity Spiritual Community of Grand Rapids, Mi.In his coaching business he uses a variety of modalities, helping his clients uncover the childhood beliefs, developmental traumas and patterned behaviors learned in youth. These beliefs and patterns keep people trapped and stuck in different areas of their life without even knowing it. This process helps clients learn to heal and then FEEL again, making it possible to create lives filled with meaning and joy.

Bear Decatur

Bear Decatur, a radiant soul with a passion for wellness, has been guiding breathwork journeys for 16 years and sculpting bodies as a Pilates studio owner for two decades. His lighthearted approach to healing creates a safe space to uplift spirits, creating a community where warmth, heart, and joy flourish.Bear's dedication to helping others discover the transformative power of breath and movement is woven into every session, making him a beloved figure in the world of holistic health. His greatest enjoy is helping people who have a desire to clear trauma from their body in a safe and graceful way. Some of his clients have included celebrities such Muhammad Ali, Carl Weathers, and other athletes.

Bear Decatur
Dr. Michelle Burkhard

Dr. Michelle Burkhard

Dr. Michelle Burkhard is the Owner of Grow By 1 and she is a Coach Doctor. She uses her extensive background in the education field to help educational coaches and leaders increase their effectiveness and efficiency when influencing others. She is also a magical, divine human gifted with many talents and skills to help others know themselves deeply, process and integrate new spiritual and emotional learning, and use their trauma and dramas for the highest good of all. She is a highly requested speaker and trainer in 7 different time zones and recently celebrated episode #1,300 of her podcast Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life! When not studying or serving others, she enjoys actively engaging at home with her three teenagers, Josiah, Hannah, and Eliana.

Mary Mazur

Mary is an Igniter of Love and Light and a lover of life and play. She has traveled through highs and lows in life, from tragedies, traumas, & abuses, to great love and joy within her and in her life. She used to assist Mom’s in birthing their babies, and now she assists all those ready to birth their True Selves by connecting with their Spiritual parts of them, balancing within, and integrating this within their human experience here.Mary raised her family of 4 children while nighttime serving as a birth RN for 26 years, cultivating into a Certified Holistic RN, a Reiki Master, a Tai Chi Easy Leader, and a Radiant Lotus Qigong instructor, and now runs a private ministry sharing her Spiritual gifts of Love and Divine Wisdom. She is one of 30 Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors who teaches across the world a simple, effective, and powerful tool that unlocks and activates your personal power to clear and transform limits within you and in your lives to expand yourself in your peace, love, and joy. She offers private sessions to assist you in healing your hurts and wounds and activating your highest potential so you may deeply connect with your Divine parts of you and experience life here in a fulfilling, playful, lighter, & fun way.

Mary Mazur

VIP Event : The 7 Villages of Awareness

This fun event will be packed with useful information, tips, tools, and strategies for you to understand and assess your awareness level. You’ll learn the language, customs, habits, and ‘weird little bits’ that happen at each level of awareness, or village, and how to interact with those from a different village with joy and peace. Live participants will also receive a workbook with tools and resources. The event will be recorded, and live participants will receive a copy 2 weeks later. You may also purchase just the recording.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to: 1) understand how awareness affects their individual life and ALL relationships, 2) assess which ‘village’ they are currently living in and what the next steps would be, 3) describe their previous ‘village experience’, and 4) create a plan to visit the other villages without getting stuck there.


Welcome (WHY, who am I, who are you, housekeeping)

Overview (what IS awareness, why important, brief explanation)

7 Villages Traveling (explain the customs, language, rules, and habits of each village and how to transition from one village to another; activities and self-reflections will be sprinkled throughout; lunch will be in the middle of this section from 12-1).

Integration (so what?!? What does this mean to you? Action steps)

What’s Next (where do we go from here?)

(Those staying for the Authentic Circles of Connection Retreat will have about 3 hours before the start of that event.)

Resources: Journal, snacks, bonus tools/resources

What to bring: An open mind, pens and journal, curiosity, water bottle.


The live and interactive event will be held Thursday, May 30, 2024 from 10 am to 3 pm.

The recording will be launched within 2 weeks of this date. Live event participants will automatically get the recording.

(This event is a VIP event and will be hosted before the Authentic Circles of Connection Retreat.)

The live event schedule will flex based on participant needs; we will have frequent breaks and lunch from 12-1, on your own.

Location: Unity Spiritual Community Church – 2965 Wycliff Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

Investment: $99, for those who attended live and with the recording AND for those receiving the recording 2 weeks later.  (Meals on your own for live participants.)


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